Articles and stuff

Here are some things I wrote, or that were written about me by people who helped me when I asked for help because they are good.


On Kings, Kims, Capulets and Consideration

An article I wrote for about diversity in casting, versus works of theater that are specifically about race and culture.

Drinks with Jen: My Conversation with Jennifer Ashley Tepper

A conversation with the premiere theater historian about where we've ben, where we're going, the nature of Intern Culture, and privilege.

Letters to a Young Musical Theater Writer

Things I think all the writers should be doing.

Five Things Every Actor Should Know

I interviewed Adam Gwon, Adam Overett and Anna Jacobs and asked them what they thought every actor should know IF THEY WANT TO DO NEW MUSICALS.

Musicals as a Vehicle for Social Change

An interview I gave for the good folks at about Costs of Living

Seven Notes for Writers from Three Directors of Note

Wherein I flipped the script and asked three of my favorite directors what I was doing wrong.

Writing While Asian

An article I wrote for Stage and Candor about what happens when non-Asian people want to write musicals about Asia and think I should be their composer.


Fellows Follow Up

An interview about Peter and the Wall, shortly after I finished the Dramatists Guild Fellowship.


Inside the NAMT Festival: The Right Forty Five

A thing I wrote on picking the right forty five minutes to present at the NAMT Festival


Calls of the Wild

A conversation I made up between myself and Mr. David Grimm, to promote The View From Here about a million years ago.  It is poorly formatted.  So by today's standard's, it's on par.  But if you find it super confusing, I have fixed it here


Stagebuddy Q&A:Timothy Huang

My thoughts on the Bechdel Test and the economics of theater.