Articles and stuff

Here are some things I wrote, or that were written about me by people who helped me when I asked for help because they are good.


Letters to a Young Musical Theater Writer

Things I think all the writers should be doing.

Five Things Every Actor Should Know

I interviewed Adam Gwon, Adam Overett and Anna Jacobs and asked them what they thought every actor should know IF THEY WANT TO DO NEW MUSICALS.


Musicals as a Vehicle for Social Change

An interview I gave for the good folks at about Costs of Living

Seven Notes for Writers from Three Directors of Note

Wherein I flipped the script and asked three of my favorite directors what I was doing wrong.

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Drinks with Jen: My Conversation with Jennifer Ashley Tepper

An interview I conducted with the woman who conducts all the interviews.  This article used to live on the blog, but now lives on mine.  Worth pointing out.

On Kings, Kims, Capulets and Consideration

Another article that used to live on the blog, which now lives on mine, but is also worth pointing out.

Writing While Asian

An article I wrote for Stage and Candor about what happens when non-Asian people want to write musicals about Asia and think I should be their composer.


Fellows Follow Up

An interview about Peter and the Wall, shortly after I finished the Dramatists Guild Fellowship.


Inside the NAMT Festival: The Right Forty Five

A thing I wrote on picking the right forty five minutes to present at the NAMT Festival


Calls of the Wild

A conversation I made up between myself and Mr. David Grimm, to promote The View From Here about a million years ago.  It is poorly formatted.  So by today's standard's, it's on par.  But if you find it super confusing, I have fixed it here


Stagebuddy Q&A:Timothy Huang

My thoughts on the Bechdel Test and the economics of theater.