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Peter and the wave

Peter and the Wave is a full length musical about being on the right side of history.  It tells two interwoven but separate narratives.  The Peter side tells the story of an American man who must travel to Japan to identify and claim the body of his dead husband, a Nissei who was visiting there on business. 

The Wave side tells a fictional account of Kotoku Wamura, the real-life mayor of Fudai, and his crusade to build an unprecedented 60 foot seawall around his town to protect it from potential tidal waves.  Though he succeeded, it went unused in his lifetime, making his legacy a punchline until the tsunami hit in 2011, proving once and for all his foresight saved countless lives. 

Listen to the demo on Soundcloud.

Nic Rouleau performs the title character from Peter and the Wave in JUST LIKE BACK HOME.