Missing Karma.png

Missing Karma

Ted and Honey return to their favorite park at sundown to bury their dearly departed dog, Karma.  As the sun sets, and the darkness encroaches, they find they have conflicting ideas on which path leads them home.  What starts out as a simple difference of opinion escalates, and before long, the two lovers find themselves on opposite poles of a very important issue.  

Missing Karma was written as part of Prospect Theatre's Writer's Lab.  It was presented there by Dev Bondarin, featuring Katy Holtkamp, David Foley and Hansel Tan.  It was later presented at NAAP's Discover: New Musicals series (directed by Nina Zoie Lam, featuring Diana Huey, Eric Badique and Brian Kim.)  It was a selected finalist for the Samuel French OOB Short Play Festival in 2016, and was there directed by Laura Brandel, and featured Kendal Heartse, Aaron Phillips and Tommy Crawford.  Missing Karma received its world premiere at the City Theater's Summer Shorts festival in 2017.


Full demo of Missing Karma, featuring Jennifer Blood and not Timothy Huang