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Crossing Over

Crossing Over is a ten minute musical written as part of the Prospect Theatre's Musical Theater lab.  It was presented there as part of their Dark Nights series featuring Maria Couch, Jennifer Blood, Doug Shapiro, Devin Ilaw and Ali Ewoldt.  It was later presented as part of the National Asian Artists Project's Discover: New Musicals series featuring Kimiko Glenn, Lori Tan Chin, Hansel Tan and Amanda Morton. 

Lily Green, a twenty something tele-commuter who is more afraid of leaving her apartment than the horror films she regularly watches, finds herself stuck in a very precarious position one evening when Cece, her octogenarian neighbor from upstairs shows up at her doorstep claiming that a ghost is haunting her apartment, and that Lily must help her exorcise it.  The bulb above Cece’s door, which usually casts safe and protective light has suddenly gone out and in its absence, the sepctre has moved in.  All Cece wants is for Lily to cross over her threshold and help her change a lightbulb.  But crossing over means opening herself up to a world Lily is convinced does not want her. 

Photos by Lisa Dozier

Listen to a ratty demo on soundcloud!