And the Earth Moved

And the Earth Moved is a full length musical, set in New York City on the night a very real earthquake struck the island of Taiwan in September, 1999.  Will Chen, a neurotic, self-involved urban cliche argues with his overseas dwelling parents about his job (jingle writer), his girlfriend (not Chinese) and his lack of familial respect only to be disrupted by an earthquake which has severed all lines of communication.  Stepping out of the apartment for a breath of fresh air, Will discovers he is completely lost.  But in order for him to find his way back home, he first must discover where he came from.

And the Earth Moved was a Next Link selection at the inaugural New York Musical Theater Festival and featured Thomas Kouo, Orville Mendoza, Constance Wu, Lisa Howard, Brian Meyers Cooper, Steven Eng and Erin Quill and was directed by Nina Zoie Lam.  It was also a finalist for the National Music Theater Network's New Voices Prize.  It was later presented as part of a working residency at CAP21.