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A Relative Relationship

A Relative Relationship is a ten minute musical, written as part of the BMI Musical Theater Workshop.  It was presented as part of the inaugural Sound Bites Festival at Theater Now, where it took Best Musical, and Best Actor In a Musical (Hansel Tan).

Emerson Junior High, Vice Principal's Office, 2:30PM.  When Carmen Soledad and Simon Pang are caught cheating on a test in their Bible Myth and Epic class and forced to decide which of the two of them should be expelled, tensions rise.  Simon, who maintains a straight A average can not let his Korean mother down.  Carmen, on the other hand, can not allow her father to see that she is not, in fact the princess he thinks she is. 


This charming and witty (and oftentimes profane) comedy is, at its heart, an examination of forgiveness, the nature of blame and beauty of redemption.

Listen to a demo below: