2 to Wakefield is a fifteen minute musical, written as part of the York Theatre's 4@15 Workshop in collaboration with the UC Irvine Music Theater department.  One of four fifteen minute musicals written in one week around the students of the UCI NY Satellite Program and presented together at the York Theatre, 2 to Wakefield tells the story of the contemporary urban showdown. 

On the uptown 2 train to Wakefield, a determined Street Clown unleashes his arsenal of entertainments in order to make one young woman smile.  The woman however, will not be so easily amused.  In a flurry of scarf juggling, back handsprings and "stupid people tricks" an unstoppable force meets an immovable object resulting in a conclusion that is both unpredictable yet inevitable and startlingly emotional.  Two parts entertainment and one part meditation on isolation, 2 to Wakefield serves as a gentle reminder that in a city of millions, nobody really knows anybody.

Demo below: